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What I felt after graduating from college.

It’s one of the happiest days of my life finally after the all the exams, quizzes, and paperwork you finally have the diploma you’ve ever work for. You finally want to land a job. A job that will support you and that will help you grow professionally.

But after graduation, I welcome reality frustrated. I looked for jobs on every online site, ask my classmates and schoolmates on any vacancy in a company or agency or institutions. My searching for a job is still ongoing for a year and a year again and I am still on the search.

Going to different interviews and getting no calls from the company after thinking that you did well on the interview. Well, who will not feel frustrated, sad, and lost a few percent of self-confidence.

It’s frustrating, you will always ask yourself what is wrong with me? Am I not that good? Is my course really right for me?


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Upside Down Museum

A 1-2 hour of fun at Upside Down Museum. Many people ranging from 7 years old to 40 plus go here, especially on the weekend. We went there Sunday exactly 11 a.m. We thought there will be no people but after we took a few shots in the first place many people are in line already.  All people just wanna experience something that will turn us upside down.

In every photo op place, there is one person who will assist you and poses or scenes and they would gladly take your photo.



Upside Down Museum is located at CCP Complex in Pasay City.

The entrance fee is 450 pesos.

Hello to the people who will go to the museum. Be observant. When someone is taking photos, please do not pass by or tell your friends or your companion to strike a pose when you know there is someone else taking photos. You will have your own time. Please be considerate of others. Enjoy the place.


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Super Pop Con 2017

Hello to all Kpop fan like me! There is a concert happening on July 07, 2017 at MOA Arena.  It is 18238017_1983739138515578_620783477076753100_o

Guess who are the guest? Waaah.


Oh, and there is one more artist added. Kriesha Chu a Filipina who just debuted last May 2017.


Here is the seating plan for the concert:


Tickets are now available at all SM Ticket outlet.

The concert is presented by  Kirin, All Access Production, and Lumos E&M.

For more details check out the social media account of All Access Production.

See you all there Kpop fans! 🙂

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A day in Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Stilts Calatagan is a 24-hectare white sand beach resort located in Batangas. It is 3-4 hours away from Manila.

DSC_0900 (1)


Changing area
Shower area
adult and kiddie pool




Every corner of Stilts have wooden board with quotes or sayings




Open Harmony Cottage – 145.50 (1020/7 person)

Entrance Fee – 385 pesos

Food – 571.50 pesos (4000/7 person)

Paddle Board – 250 per hour

Total – 1352 pesos

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A jaunt to Bohol

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” – Bill Bryson

A 4 days and 3 nights trip to Bohol with family is a great experience. It is my first time in Visayas area and Bohol did not disappoint me. Bohol has its own beauty. It is one of the places which offers mesmerizing beaches, islands, churches, falls, food and the people.

We visited the popular tourist spots in Bohol. We went to different churches that were built hundred years ago. Some of the biggest churches in Bohol are still under renovation. Some part of the churches there was broken down by 6.8 magnitude earthquake last 2013.

Let me share with you the itinerary that we had:


Let me share with you some of the photos of our trip.


Never ever leave the place without trying their all natural ice cream. And also the cone is made from cassava. 🙂


Second day. 



Third day. My most favorite part. Island hopping! 🙂 Oh, we watched the dolphins too.

Oh, and I also saw how diversified the underwater of Bohol.



Fourth day.

Bye, for now, Bohol. I will surely go back and explore more the beauty you have.DSC_0428



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Exploring Masasa Beach.

Masasa Beach is one of the beaches in Batangas for a quick getaway. Masasa Beach is located in Tingloy Island.

Instead of building our tent on Masasa Beach we rented a house near the beach. You can rent Ate Melody’s house for 300 pesos per person. Free use of utensils, gas tank, and drinking water. Here is Ate Melody’s Contact Number 0917-392-7246.

At Ate Melody’s House 

Exploring Masasa Beach 










How to get there from Cavite:

  1. Ride a van in the terminal located near the McDonalds.
  2. Tell the driver to drop you off at the tricycle terminal that will bring you to Anilao port
  3. Tell the tricycle to drop you off in Anilao port

From Manila:

  1. Ride a DLTB bus at Buendia going to Batangas Grand Terminal
  2. From Batangas Grand Terminal Ride a Jeep to Anilao or Tingloy Port


  1. Bought all the food on the market. There are no store or Market in Tingloy/Masasa
  2. You can do Island hopping (1500 pesos)
  3. The electricity in Tingloy is from 7 am – 12 midnight only


140 – Fare to Batangas

66.67 – Fare to Anilao Port (200/3)

100 – Anilao Port to Masasa Beach

220 – Food (620/3)

300 – Rent

100 – Snorkeling

100 – Tip

40 – Tricycle Fare to Tingloy Port

145 – Fare to Cavite

1211.67  – Total expenses

You must try snorkeling and see the beauty under the sea. You will see lot of sea turtles and clown fish and many more. 🙂