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Summer vibe at December

When my sister got home from abroad she decided to have a vacation at El Nido, Palawan. It was my first time there and hopefully not my last time cause I did enjoy our trip there.

It’s also my first time to rode an airplane. I thought it was scary cause the airplane is high. But thanks to Philippine Airline(PAL) for my first airplane ride it is relaxing and less hassle. The crews are really attentive. And I love the snacks.



We arrive at Puerto Princesa around 7 am. While waiting for the van we rest for a while at the cafe in the vicinity of the airport. Exactly 8 AM we leave the airport to travel to El Nido. I don’t have an idea that it will be a long ride. We arrive at Periking hotel around 12 PM.While waiting for the room to be cleaned cause the hotel is fully book they served as a very cold ice tea so we can a bit refreshed.

Sign Board of Periking.
Sign Board of Periking.

Our room is located on the second floor. The view is so perfect. It’s relaxing and breathtaking.

I took tis while laying on my bed. :)
I took this while laying on my bed. πŸ™‚


After some rest we decided to walk on the beach. It is past 2 PM so we are literally getting hungry cause we didn’t eat breakfast and lunch. So we decided look for a place to eat. Our room neighbor the Auntie of the owner told us to eat at El Nido Corner.

El Nido Corner
El Nido Corner
Vegetable Pasta.
Vegetable Pasta.

After eating our late brunch. We strollΒ a lil bit the place.


With my sister and the sister of her boyfriend
With my sister and the sister of her boyfriend

I will post the part two later. πŸ™‚ The Island hopping.



I want my coffee cold just like his feelings for me. I love planting herbs. When I am not blogging or watching Korean Dramas I am indulging myself with books and magazines. Always hungry for adventures.

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