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My First Time: Archery at Majarlika Archery Range

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

– Paulo Coelho
When I was in college, I have listed out things that I want to try when I have the means to tick each activity from my bucket list. Now, I can say that I am capable of turning my dreams into reality. One of the things, I have dreamed of doing is archery. I have little knowledge about it but had no experience at all. Though I have watched several videos on how to do it.
Here comes the day that I had the chance of doing it. My friend and I went to Majarlika Archery Range. This place has approachable and accommodating staff who guided and helped first-timers like us to do basic archery. We have learned a lot of things: from the materials/equipment’s used to step-by-step procedure and different techniques on how to do it. Within an hour of archery session, I have able to hit the yellow part of the target. I have accomplished one of my goals. I was able to learn and experience archery. And I am giving credit and thank you to the staff that taught me how to do it.
The Target




For only 400 pesos we have experienced archery. Thanks to Majarlika Archery Range for teaching us.
You can check out their website for their promos and location. Here’s the link Majarlika Archery Range.
Let’s all feel the vibe of Katniss Everdeen in us.

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