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To my best friend I lost 4 years ago.

Some people will not understand our fight that broke our 7 years of friendship apart. Some will say it’s just a petty fight.

The good times we had for seven years linger on my mind some time.  The laugh, the tears and all the new things we’ve tried and experience is meant to be remembered but not meant to be continued. I think the friendship needed to end on a way that will hurt both of us or maybe I was the only hurt. I know you’re happy now, happy with your new circle of friends or rather you never have new circle of friends. because you already made up in your mind that “I don’t need friends my boyfriend is enough for me”. Maybe the friendship we had is not meant to be forever. Maybe it has to end as early as possible for us to find a better friends, a better companion that can really stay and a friend that will prioritize the schedule that is already set or a friend that knows how to follow what is been schedule or to follow what things that you’ve planned for a long time. A friend that can handle our differences, the attitudes and everything.A friend that can see clearly that friendship matters. That can see that before she or he had a relationship or partner there is a friend that never leaves her or his side. A friend that she or he forget and set aside for someone else. A friend that is been there before everyone else.  A new friend that can really ride on in everything and anything we want to experience.

For now, I can finally say that I forgave you, I forgave my self. Let’s just keep moving on with our own lives. Goodbye and thank you for the friendship.



I want my coffee cold just like his feelings for me. I love planting herbs. When I am not blogging or watching Korean Dramas I am indulging myself with books and magazines. Always hungry for adventures.

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