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Mt. Pinatubo Trek with MVCCP

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. – Beverly Sills.

I want my 2016 to be adventurous so I am starting it off. My girl cousins and I wanted to travel as much as we can and as much as our budget can. 🙂

Last February 2016 my cousin invited us to join the Mt. Pinatubo trek of the MVCCP.

As soon as we heard that we got excited. Who wouldn’t? It’s a new adventure that awaits us.

On February 26 10 PM we left Cavite, after a long hours of travel we arrived on the threshold and wait for the other MVCCP members. When they arrived we started travelling.


 Because of the continuous flowing of water the army jeep got stuck on the entrance point.


With my cousins.


Crossing the river. 🙂


A spectacular view.


After 3-4 hours of expedition we arrived on the camp site. We park and then rest for a bit, eat our lunch and build our tent.



Camping site. 🙂

There is no network signal in the site so be prepared. We slept early around 7pm.


We started hiking around 5 AM so we can enjoy the view


After a few hours we arrived at the end of the crow valley.



On going to the Mt. Pinatubo Crater watch your step.






The magnificent view of Mt. Pinatubo Crater

It feels like I am not in the Philippines but hey look Philippines has more to offer and it is one of many beautiful place to visit.

Swimming or anything that you want to try on the water crater is not allowed because of the harmful chemical that is found there.


Check the weather a day before

Eat a heavy meal

Put sunblock and wear something that will protect your skin from sun rays

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes

Bring extra clothes

Bring small bag only and carry at least 2 or 3 liters of water

Bring some sweets (optional)

Take note:


Please don’t leave your trash there. Love the nature.



I want my coffee cold just like his feelings for me. I love planting herbs. When I am not blogging or watching Korean Dramas I am indulging myself with books and magazines. Always hungry for adventures.

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