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My second time in Ilocos.

I have been to Ilocos in 2012. That time, I came in Ilocos with the whole family which includes my grand mom, grandpa, uncles and aunties, and cousins. During that time, we don’t have any planned itinerary. My uncles just text some of their friends who live in Ilocos Sur. And also, we don’t have any accommodation so we all slept in our vehicles, which is a big big hassle. Our van is too crowded and the other cars as well.

After our trip there I told myself to return in Ilocos to visit the places we have not visited and to taste their delicacies.

As of now, many travel agencies offer an affordable tour with transfer, tour and accommodation and we choose to booked our trip to Ilocos from Ilocos Heritage Tour.

Thursday evening, we went to Mall of Asia to meet the tour guide that will fetch us. We left around 10 PM. We rode in a coaster, where we sat three seat before the last portion of the bus. During our trip I fell asleep I woke up already when we are in La Union. We arrived in Ilocos Sur around 7:30 am we ate our breakfast in restaurant. The food is a bit expensive for 150 pesos it is 3 pieces Iloco longganisa, an egg, rice, soup and a piece of fried saba. I am a bit disappointed with the meal I had. After our breakfast, we went to Marcos Museum. I did not roam around that much cause I tour the place already and it was too crowded. Me and my three cousins just waited for our other cousin and her college buddies outside the museum. After that we went to Paoay Church. We took some photos, prayed and eat our lunch in the restaurants across the church. We tried the delicacies of Ilocos.

After eating and roaming around we went to try the sand dunes. It was a cray cray experience. I am so happy finally I’ve experienced it.

Here is our itinerary for our three day trip given by Ilocos Heritage Tours

1st Day:
6:30am – Bantay Church and Bell Tower
(St. Agustine Church)
7:00am – Baluarte ni Chavit Singson
8:30am – Breakfast @ Hidden Garden or Cafe Uno
(Breakfast & Shower rooms are pax account)
10:30am – Batac Tour
• Marcos Museum (pax account)
• Marcos Mausoleum
• Photo Gallery
12:30am – Lunch pax Account)
2:00pm – Paoay Church
3:00pm – Malacanang Ti Amianan
4:30pm – Sand Dunes (Optional: Php 500 per person activity fee)
6:00pm – Hotel Check-in
2nd Day:
6:00am – Complimentary Breakfast
6:30am – ETD Going to Pagudpud
7:30am – Cape Bojedor
9:00am – Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
10:30am – Bangui Windmill
11:00am – Kabigan Falls (Optional for the physically fit and pax account activity fee)
12:30pm – Lunch at Pagudpud Blue Lagoon
1:00pm – Freetime (Swimming)
4:00pm – Bantay Abot Cave
4:30pm – Patapat Bridge
5:00pm – ETD going back to Hotel
3rd Day:
6:00am– Complimentary Breakfast
7:30am – ETD going to Vigan
9:30am – Start of Heritage tour
• Kalesa Ride (pax account)
• Crisologo Museum
• Pagburnayan
• Heritage Village
12:00pm – Lunch (pax account)
1:00pm – ETD Back to Manila

On the first day after resting, we go to Currimao Beach Resort for our Silaw with buffet experience. Check out my Instagram for the video (@tibayanrona). We did not follow the schedule on the first day because we arrived a bit late than what is on the schedule. On the second and third day, we did follow the schedule.

Here are some of my photos.



Here are some photos of our second day at Ilocos. 🙂

Cape Bojeador is located on Burgos Ilocos Norte it is also known as Burgos Lighthouse.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.

Before you can reach the photo spot of kapurpurawan rock formation you will walk for about 25 minutes I guess or you can ride a horse but it is a bit pricey.

Bangui Windmills

After having our lunch we went to Kabigan Falls. It is also a long walk before reaching the hidden treasure of nature. 🙂 But it’s all worth it.



The photo on the left side is a pancit wrapped and then fried. It can beat your hunger from the long walk. Kudos to the people in Ilocos for putting scientific name and common name of the trees there.

While walking back to the entrance I saw how beautiful this place is. ❤


Patapat Viaduct connects the Maharlikha Highway and Cagayan Valley. It is the forth longest bridge in the Philippines. It is 1.3 kilometers long.

On our third day we went to Ilocos Sur.



We ate our lunch in Hidden Garden. The food there is good. 🙂 Try all the delicacies.

After our lunch we went to Baluarte. We fed the fur seal there. You need to pay 300 pesos (not sure) to feed and take a photo with the fur seal. We waited for a few minutes before we do the activity with the fur seal. The trainer remind us of the do’s and dont’s when we are near the fur seal.

I got mesmerized by the culture, food and history of the Ilocos. I love how clean the place is.

Let’s all appreciate how beautiful the Philippines is. Wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan. 🙂



I want my coffee cold just like his feelings for me. I love planting herbs. When I am not blogging or watching Korean Dramas I am indulging myself with books and magazines. Always hungry for adventures.

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