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Quick Getaway at Aquaria Water Park

Aquaria Water Park is located at Barangay Sta. Ana inside the Playa Calatagan. It is a 525-meter beach and water park.

We arrived around 9 am and we were welcomed by their friendly staff. Before kicking our day off, the receptionist asked us if we would like to rent a cabana, table or locker and if we brought any food or drinks with us.

The rent of their cabanas is around 1200 – 1500 pesos depending on the size of it. The table is 200 and the locker is 150.

If you did bring food and any drinks with you, you will pay 100 pesos for corkage. If you did not bring food with you, no worries because there is a restaurant named The Sands. They offer seafood dishes and other varieties. We spent 250 pesos per head on food for the entire day.

We paid only 400 pesos for the entrance fee maybe because it is Thursday  and not peak season, the entrance fee is 500 for the Guest or walk ins.

Here are some photos of our getaway:

2016-10-08 09.13.17 1.jpg



Kiddie Pool


Adult Pool and The Slide

2016-10-08 09.13.13 1.jpg

2016-10-08 09.12.56 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

2016-10-08 09.13.04 1.jpg

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They offer some water activities here like kayaking (250 single/400 double for 1 hour), Banana boat (1500 for 5 person/15 minutes), Jet ski (3000 for 15 minutes). You can also play beach volleyball and soccer for 50 per hour.

The water activities here are only available during weekend and summer.

Aquaria is not offering overnight swimming/accommodations.


If you did not bring food or drinks with you, just rent a locker.

Go here during weekend or summer if you want to try the water activities.

When it is raining, you cannot use the slide.


Entrance – 400

Food for breakfast and lunch – 280 pesos (840 divided by 3 person)

Gas – 166 pesos (500 divided by 3 person)

Table – 66 pesos (200 divided by 3 person)

Total expenses: 912 pesos

For inquiries and reservations

call (02) 553-8888 or email

For updates, follow Aquaria Beach Resort on:


Instagram: @aquariabeachresort

Twitter: @aquariabeach

For more details about Fuego Hotels & Properties, you may visit:



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