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What I felt after graduating from college.

It’s one of the happiest days of my life finally after the all the exams, quizzes, and paperwork you finally have the diploma you’ve ever work for. You finally want to land a job. A job that will support you and that will help you grow professionally.

But after graduation, I welcome reality frustrated. I looked for jobs on every online site, ask my classmates and schoolmates on any vacancy in a company or agency or institutions. My searching for a job is still ongoing for a year and a year again and I am still on the search.

Going to different interviews and getting no calls from the company after thinking that you did well on the interview. Well, who will not feel frustrated, sad, and lost a few percent of self-confidence.

It’s frustrating, you will always ask yourself what is wrong with me? Am I not that good? Is my course really right for me?




I want my coffee cold just like his feelings for me. I love planting herbs. When I am not blogging or watching Korean Dramas I am indulging myself with books and magazines. Always hungry for adventures.

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