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Weekend farmer No more



It’s been almost a year since I promised myself I would take farming seriously. The commitment wasn’t easy to make since I have a day job. But the bug has caught me and I simply dove into it. Just an overview of the year that is almost over:

  1. I became a natural farmer. This might be the most valuable training I did as a farmer wanna-be.I resolved to know how to make my own fertilizers, the natural way . I will not have it any other way. Farming by nature , is by far the most efficient and inexpensive method I know. Under the tutelage of Andry Lim  for 3 days, I immersed myself into the world where paramount is respect for how nature operates.

2. I did an edible backyard garden. This is what I call , my lab. Where I process all my experimentations for vegetable growing – both direct in…

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